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The Institute of Foreign Language Immersion (IFLI) was born out of the growing need to learn languages from a perspective other than the conventional one. The world has changed and we face new challenges. Today more than ever, being able to communicate in a foreign language is synonymous with job opportunity, academic and/or professional growth, and without a doubt also personal development.

We are clear that linguistic knowledge no longer belongs solely to the teacher – as it happened in other times – but it is out there available to everyone: in the media, social networks, travelling abroad, YouTube, etc. Therefore, our method is based on facilitating access to that knowledge but in an effective way to guarantee your progress. We give you the map, you make the trip.

With more than 20 years of experience in teaching languages, we know that the key to motivating people to continue learning a language is to ensure that they enjoy the learning process. That is why our proposal is that you stop studying and try language immersion. You will see that you will learn naturally, that your level of motivation will always remain high and that together with us you will be part of a large community of people from all over the world, who, like you, have a common goal: to speak a language.

At IFLI, our mission is to facilitate access to language learning. We want to reach as many people as possible to give them the opportunity to learn languages, either with one of our programs or with the varied offer of free activities. Are you ready to learn a language in a different way? If the answer is yes, then welcome to IFLI.

Giselle Álvarez

Hello! My name is Giselle Álvarez and I have been a language teacher for more than 20 years. I started studying English when I was 8 years old and at 18 I discovered that teaching was my vocation. I trained as an English teacher at the prestigious Instituto Superior del Profesorado Joaquín V. González, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the same time that I worked teaching children, adolescents and adults of all levels.

In 2003 I moved to Malaga, Spain, in search of new horizons. There I did the University Master’s Degree in Teaching while continuing to teach English and Spanish. I was also able to expand my experience by working as a Director of Studies for 8 years and as a Cambridge ESOL oral examiner for levels A2 (KET) and B1 (PET) for 2 years.

In 2018 I moved to Lisbon, Portugal, ready for a new challenge: to learn about project management and to get closer to the world of business – a world that had always been a mystery to me. However, in the last year and after much reflection, I have realized that the time has come to return to my great passion and vocation: teaching languages.

IFLI is my way of sharing with the world what I do best, and my team’s mission will be to facilitate access to language learning for all those who want or need it. IFLI is the beginning of a community of people willing to live a different experience, people committed to their personal goal and with a common aim: to communicate fluently in a foreign language. If this is also your goal, then welcome to IFLI.


The method with which you will learn something new every day.


A community of people with a common goal: to communicate fluently in a foreign language.


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Our Proposal

New world, new challenges ... Stop studying and try language immersion!

Language Immersion

Surely you have already heard about the great benefits of language immersion, but do you know exactly what it is all about?

Level Test

Our level test consists of two parts: a self-assessment and an oral expression part. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Give it a go!