Why choose IFLI?

Learn languages without limits.

  • Portuguese & English  available.
  • Online from Monday to Friday, 1 hour a day by Zoom.
  • Group classes with a qualified teacher according to your level.
  • Learn and practice speaking with fun and interactive activities.
  • Access to class recordings from the following day.
  • Access to support materials.

By combining online activities from Monday to Friday and our tips, videos and events to achieve effective language immersion, you will learn to communicate naturally and own your learning process. You will see that learning a language can be fun and you will achieve your goals with the motivation of the first day.

6 Benefits of IFLI Language Immersion

You must try it!


You can practice 5 times a week or whenever you are available. The sessions are recorded so if one day you cannot attend the class, the next day you will have access to the recording.


Wherever you are. Without wasting time travelling or money on transportation. All you need is a computer or smartphone, good internet connection and headphones with a microphone.


You will learn naturally from the daily exposure and interaction. For an hour a day it will feel like you have travelled abroad with a teacher as your guide!


You will see that time will fly by because you will be actively participating in the proposed tasks: engaging activities, games, music. Always with a focus on speaking.


Reason why it is essential to take the level test. Knowing where you stand at the moment, we can prepare activities which are suitable for you, and group all the participants according to their level.


Our mission is to facilitate access to language learning for as many people as possible. We are 100% sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by our proposal.

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Our Proposal

New world, new challenges ... Stop studying and try language immersion!

Language Immersion

Surely you have already heard about the great benefits of language immersion, but do you know exactly what it is all about?

Level Self-assessment

Our level assessment consists of two parts: a self-assessment and an oral expression part. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete. 
Give it a go!