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Stop studying and try language immersion!

Here you will find information on some of the reasons why we believe that language immersion is the most effective way to learn a language today.

It is the natural way to learn a language.

Human beings are born with particular characteristics that allow us to acquire any language to which we are exposed, but it will be difficult to learn if there is no interaction. If we take advantage of that innate ability we have to learn a language and immerse ourselves in an environment that encourages communication in the language we want to learn, the result is a linguistic immersion experience that allows us to continuously improve our communication skills while maintaining a high level of motivation.

You are in control.

As in many other aspects of life, to learn a language you have to make some decisions. Only you know the time and energy you want – or can – invest in achieving your goals. Our language immersion programs offer you the possibility to choose the live activities to participate in, the complementary activities you want to do and the advice you want to follow. Our mission is to facilitate your learning by giving you the tools and the means to develop your communication skills in the language you are learning practically at any time of the day. You just have to tell us where you want to go: we give you the map and you make the trip.

You will achieve your goals with the motivation of the first day.

At IFLI we know that the secret of YOUR success and ours is to keep your motivation level constantly high. For this we have two important pillars in our programs: RESPECTING YOUR LEARNING STYLE and OFFERING VARIETY. The variety of content, media, materials, activities, communication channels, and everything else we have to offer will ensure you never get bored or tired of the experience. In addition, we will take into account the different learning styles so that you always find an option that suits yours. This way you will be able to learn more easily, with better results and of course enjoying each step towards your goal.

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Language Immersion

Surely you have already heard about the great benefits of language immersion, but do you know exactly what it is all about?

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